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Jfc is Canadia even real


Etiquette Guideline For Not Being A Total Butthead On The Internet

Internet - The final frontier. These are the adventures of countless men that behave like idiots when they feel attacked about their privileges to act, speak and write like they’re the irrefutable instance of justice.

There were once days when I could open social media without being confronted with a tsunami of disproportionate aggressive reactions by men because a women said/wrote something that doesn’t fit their worldview. These days seem to be over. Social media is no longer dealing with occasional shit storms - it’s confronted with constant bad weather. A shit monsoon. 

I’m tired of this. It feels like there’s a whole generation growing up that doesn’t even know the basics of constructive communication - nor empathizing. Even worse - older generations seem to suffer from amnesia in relation to these soft skills. 

All those gamers, nerds and dudebros sworn on self-created dogmas should take a closer look on their idols and their characteristics. Do you, for example, think, that Cpt. Picard would ever insult someone instead of trying to find a diplomatic solution? Would he start harassing people because they don’t share his opinion?


I seriously doubt that.

Being an aggressive asshole on the internet by default may bring you some sort of satisfaction - but that’s a temporary and toxic one. Harming yourself and the people around you. Slow, but steady. 

In contrast, constructive communication and empathizing can lead to more productive, longer lasting outcome. It may not give you the same kind of satisfaction by instant gained through a contaminated understanding of power and justice, but through opportunities to expand your horizon and knowledge. And that’s also one of the quintessences of Star Trek. Always been.

Stop being a butthead - start being more like Picard.


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20 songs meme

I’ve been tagged by violace - thx for that..

»you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc. and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 10 people. one rule: no skipping.«

So.. ya.. since I don’t own any apple device (/shocking) and prefer using spotify, I just took my longest and most listened to playlist.

  1. alt-J //- Hunger Of The Pine
  2. Atlas Plug //- Around The World
  3. Woodkid //- Ghost Lights
  4. Lucius //- Turn It Around
  5. Christian Löffler //- Mt. Grace
  6. School Food Punishment //- Flow (<333)
  7. Florence + The Machine //- No Light, No Light
  8. Monoral //- Kiri
  9. Breakbot feat. Irfane //- Baby, I’m yours
  10. Thomas Azier //- Fire Arrow
  11. Stromae //- Papaoutai
  12. La Roux //- In For The Kill
  13. Zircon //- Neurobazaar
  14. Iron & Wine //- Boy With A Coin
  15. Haim //- Falling
  16. Topi //- Rangharu
  17. Imagine Dragons //- Radioactive
  18. Dillon //- Thirteen Thirty-Five
  19. Pendulum //- Propane Nightmares
  20. Body Language //- Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix)

If you think, you know about me by listening this songs up.. you haven’t seen me on Wacken, yet.

I’m tagging blackchester, berlinerpixel, gglnx, moeffju, rikkurevenge, coffeegameslove, staingirl and everyone who’s bored.



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Hamburg Wild Life(2014/08/12; Hamburg, Germany - by dasdaz)

Hamburg Wild Life
(2014/08/12; Hamburg, Germany - by dasdaz)


Never before has the death of a celebrity hit me as much as the one of Robin Williams. The reason for that might be, that for me he was the incarnation of happiness, childhood and zest of life. When someone with those awarded properties suffers from depression and dies in the course of it, it’s like a fundamental paradigm has been burned down.

Got to handle this somehow.